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This is a truly professional company with a very good refund policy. They were about to finish installing the new panels on my garage door. However, one of their technicians accidentally dropped a single panel, making it break into pieces. The entire team apologized for it, and they bought a new panel using their own funds. I was actually ok with the incident and even offered to buy a new one myself, but the technician insisted that they pay for the new panels. They even deducted 5 percent from the total fee. I didn’t agree with that, but they further showed their gratitude by offering me 3 free maintenance jobs for a year. The result of the installation was amazing, and the garage door was really sturdy. Everything worked smoothly. I was really happy to have asked for their services, which were trustworthy and efficient.

Thomas Davis

I just bought a new car, and I had nowhere to park it. The neighbors were kind enough to let me park it in their garage for a couple of weeks, but I really needed my own garage. The problem I had was that my garage door wasn’t functional anymore because it hadn’t been used for years. That was the time my workmate recommended this company. It was the simplest service process I have encountered. They went to my house and conducted their inspection. After 2 days, they came up with a proposal for a roller-single panel garage door. After only a week, I had a fully functional garage door, complete with safety eyes and everything. They also taught me how to do proper maintenance and lubrication on the garage door by myself.

Erica Cha

I am relieved to commission this company for my garage door problems. I haven’t been doing proper maintenance on my garage door since I wasn’t bothered by the squeaky noises it made. But one day, the garage door suddenly shut close. It was a good thing that no one and nothing was under it. I called up this service provider, and they were able to repair my garage door’s entire structure. It seems like they just installed a new one. They provided amazing services, and I have to say that their work ethics was good. They were also friendly, and they made sure that I wasn’t inconvenienced. These days, it’s hard to find a trustworthy garage door repair company. However, I can safely say that this company is by far the best repair shop in this city and even in the whole state.

Dawn Thomas

The services they provided me were really good. I wanted a remote control mechanism to open and close my garage door. At first, I was worried that it would cost me a fortune since there were a lot of features to be installed. As such, I decided to research on the price rate for these services. Upon talking to this company, I was a little shocked to find out about the total fees required for the whole project. I will be honest–I was skeptical at first, knowing that a remote control feature will cost me at least 600 to 700 dollars. But the results of their work are efficient. They also call me at least twice every three months to check if everything is working fine.

Robert Jeter

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